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Margarita Jelly Shot

The Ingredients

75 ml White Tequila, 50 ml Triple Sec, 25 ml Lime Juice, 25 ml Simple Syrup, 25 ml Water, 5 ml Unflavoured Gelatin,

How To make a Margarita Jelly Shot

Pour the lime juice, simple syrup and water into a glass container and add the gelatin. Allow this to sit for one minute. Microwave on high for thrity seconds. Stir thoroughtly, ensuring the gelatin has dissolved. Add the triple sec, tequila and food colouring. Stir thoroughly.Pour into shot glasses.Refrigerate until the liquid sets. Serve cold.

Social and Cocktail says:

The perfect party shot. Novelty factor 10 plus they taste good as well.

Did You Know?

In many of the Commonwealth nations and in Ireland gelatin desserts are called jelly, whereas in the United States and Canada "jelly" is a fruit preserve.