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Butterscotch Cocktails are sweet cocktails which get their flavour either from butterscotch liqueur or schnapps. Butterscotch is mainly made from butter and brown sugar; however, other ingredients such as cream, treacle, vanilla and corn syrup are also often added. Butterscotch is similar to toffee in regards to its ingredients that are used in its production; however, butterscotch is only boiled to a soft-crack stage, whereas toffee is boiled to hard crack.


Butterscotch flavour cocktails are sometimes used to recreate retro sweets and candies, which has become a bit of a trend in some London cocktail bars, such as Volupte Lounge,  where the sweet cocktails are the best sellers. Butterscotch cocktails include the Buttery Nipple, which is a mix of Irish Cream Liqueur and Butterscotch Schnapps. Butterscotch flavoured cocktails are also sometimes poured over ice-cream to create amazing boozy desserts.


Today there are several butterscotch liqueurs and schnapps available and becoming increasingly popular, particularly with a younger, female audience. The most well-known brands of butterscotch based alcohols are Teichenne, De Kuyper and Merry`s.


Many drinkers and cocktail enthusiasts now produce their own butterscotch liqueurs and potions simple by adding basic butterscotch extract to a particular neutral alcohol of their choice. People then use this as the base of their butterscotch cocktails, often mixing with cream, milk and other spirits. For any lovers of butterscotch Angels Delight, butterscotch cocktails often tend to taste quite similar!