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Cocktail Mixing Tools

Build Your Cocktail Arsenal

Bar Spoon

This spoon is typically long, for reaching the bottom of tall glasses and has a spiral handle for easy twisting of the shaft. It will also normally feature a petite spoon bowl with holes for floating liquors. This type of spoon is essential for layering and stirring drinks.

Electric Blender

This is a particularly important piece of kit when preparing frozen cocktails such as frozen daiquiris. They can also be used to puree fruit and crush ice.

Ice Accessories

As ice is such a key element to the cocktail making process, items such as tongs, scoopers, crushers and ice buckets are all necessary companions.


A jigger is a metal bartending tool used to measure ingredients. A jigger will usually have 2 cones, one at either end. The larger cone usually holds 1 ½ ounces whilst the smaller cone holds 1 ounce. The jigger is important for creating consistent cocktails.


It is often argued that fresh fruit or vegetable juice leads to a much superior cocktail and hence the juicer can be a very important addition to your cocktail range.

Mixing Tin

The mixing tin is a vital part of most cocktail creations. The most effective mixing tin is known as the Boston shaker. This shaker combines both a stainless steel mixing tin and glass. Although it requires a little bit of practice it is undoubtedly the classic choice for cocktail mixing.


A muddler is a thick stick, made of either wood or stainless steel used to mash ingredients in the bottom of a glass. The muddler is often used to mix sugars, bitters, and to extract juices and oils from fruits and mint. When selecting a muddler, try to choose a thicker one that has a diameter of about 2 inches at its widest point as this will give you more crushing power.


A zester is used for obtaining the zest from a lemon or other citrus fruit and this can be put to great use when cocktail making as a spiral citrus zest makes a perfect finishing touch to many cocktails.