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The Ingredients

20 ml Dark Rum, 20 ml Light Rum, splash Demerara 20 ml Triple Sec, 20 ml Lime Juice, 10 ml Orgeat Syrup, Mint sprig, Orange wedge

How To make a Mai-Tai

Add all ingredients into mixing tin. Fill mixing tin with cubed ice. Shake very hard for 10 seconds to achieve desired dilution. Fill goblet style glass with crushed ice and strain mixture into glass. Add a short straw, mint and a splash of demerara rum.

Social and Cocktail says:

For many this is the king of Tiki-style drinks.A beautiful fruity concoction which deserves to use the best quality rums you can find.

Did You Know?

The Mai-Tai was prominently featured in the popular Elvis Presley film "Blue Hawaii".