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Long Island Iced Tea

The Ingredients

15 ml Gin, 15 ml Vodka, 15 ml Tequila, 15 ml White Rum, 15 ml Triple Sec, 25 ml Lemon Juice, 30 ml Gomme syrup, splash of Cola

How To make a Long Island Iced Tea

Begin by chilling highball glass with soda water and ice. Add all ingredients (except the cola) into a mixing tin. Add ice to tin and shake for 10 seconds. Add fresh ice to highball glass and add splash of cola. Strain the ingredients into glass. Add lemon slice and straw.

Social and Cocktail says:

A very popular cocktail and deservedly so. The ingredients come together to create a very unique and delicious drink. Be careful though, as its very boozy!

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Did You Know?

Long Island Iced Tea was first served in the mid 1970s by Robert Butts, a bartender at the "Oak Beach Inn", New York.