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Kool Aid

The Ingredients

12 1/2 ml Melon Liqueur, 12 1/2 ml Amaretto, Cranberry Juice

How To make a Kool Aid

Pour the melon liqueur and amaretto into a shot glass. Fill with cranberry juice and serve.

Social and Cocktail says:

Punchy tasting shooter with very fruity after taste.  We absolutely love this drink one of is definitely up there as one of our favourite shooters. If you don’t have amaretto, or are not a fan, you can try some Malibu rum as a replacement. The amaretto and Midori are an unexpectedly great combination and they pair together wonderfully with the tangy cranberry juice.

The Kool-Aid shooter is perfect for those who like their alcohol on the sweeter side and is particularly popular with female drinkers, who can sometimes be  less open to drinking shooters than their male counterparts. Once you get the taste, you might want to try this as a longer cooler, which can easily be achieved by adding 1 shot Midori, 1 shot Amaretto into a highball glass, stir and then fill to the top with cranberry juice. Give another stir once the juice is added and add a few more ice cubes. This drink is particularly delicious when it is served ice cold.

Kool-Aid, the popular drink that this shooter successfully mimics, is a brand of flavoured drink mix developed by Kraft Foods. Kool Aid is typically sold in powder form, either in small tubs or packets. To prepare the drink you simply mix the powder with water and sugar and leave to chill. The drink is available in a myriad of flavours, with strawberry, orange, cherry and lemon-lime being the most popular.

Did You Know?

In 2010 Ice Cube released a song called "Drink the Kool-Aid". Some like to top this cocktail with sprite to taste.