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El Presidente

The Ingredients

50 ml Aged Rum, 12 1/2 ml Orange Liqueur, 10 ml Dry Vermouth, splash Grenadine, Orange Peel

How To make a El Presidente

Begin by chilling coupe glass with ice and soda. Add ice to mixing glass and add all ingredients. Stir sown the drink for 20 seconds, using a bar spoon. When mixing ensure the glass is kept full to the brim with ice. Strain the drink into the chilled coupe glass and serve straight up. Garnish with orange peel twist.

Social and Cocktail says:

Rum and orange combine beautifully in our favourite Daiquiri concoction.

Did You Know?

A Cuban creation, El Presidente was the house cocktail at Club El Chico in Manhattens Greenwich village, where America was introduced to the rhumba in 1925.