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Raspberry Mule

The Ingredients

50 ml Apple Juice, 25 ml Lime Juice,12.5 ml Sugar Syrup,Top-up Ginger Beer, 5 Raspberries ,Garnish - Raspberry

How To make a Raspberry Mule

Muddle the raspberries in a cocktail shaker. Add lime, sugar syrup and apple juice and shake with cubed ice for about 15 seconds. Top up with ginger beer and garnish with a raspberry.

Social and Cocktail says:

A non-alcoholic twist on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail, the sweetness of the fresh raspberries meld perfectly with the spiciness of the ginger beer and the sourness of the lime.

Did You Know?

Adam Sandler has won the most Golden Raspberry Awards, awarded for worst achievements in film.