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Flossy Aussie

The Ingredients

12 1/2 ml Lime Juice, 12 1/2 ml Simple Syrup, 50 ml Kiwi Juice, 50 ml Bitter Lemon Soda, 3 Kumquats halved , 1/4 Kiwi diced with skin on, Skewer of Kiwi and Kumquats

How To make a Flossy Aussie

Muddle kumquats, kiwi, lime juice and simple syrup in the bottom of a mixing glass. Add kiwi juice and shake with ice.Strain into a martini glass and top with bitter lemon soda. Garnish with a fruit skewer on the rim of the glass.

Social and Cocktail says:

The kumquats add a fantastic tart dimension to this delicious mocktail punch. Full of flavour and a guaranteed hit at any party.

Did You Know?

This is a lovely fresh fruit mocktail from Natalie Bovis-Nelsen`s book "Preggatinis".