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Chocolate-covered Cherry

The Ingredients

30 ml Baileys Cream Liqueur, 30 ml Coffee Liqueur, 1 Tablespoon Grenadine Syrup

How To make a Chocolate-covered Cherry

Pre-measure your ingredients into separate shot glasses. Pour the grenadine into a rocks glass first. Slowly pour the coffee liqueur into the glass over the back of a spoon, being careful to let it run down the inside.Following the pouring instructions in step three, add the Baileys.Serve immediately, being careful not to rock the drink too much to avoid mixing the ingredients.

Social and Cocktail says:

A delightful looking concoction which goes down as smooth as it appears. A must for Baileys fans.

Did You Know?

Baileys has real cream. The alcohol prevents it from spoiling for at least 2 years.