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Belizean Pina Colada

The Ingredients

30 ml White Rum, 30 ml Evaported Milk, 90 ml Pineapple Juice, 1 Pineapple Slice

How To make a Belizean Pina Colada

Mix ingredients in a blender with crushed ice until smooth. Pour into chilled glass, garnish with pineapple slice and serve.

Social and Cocktail says:

This is a variation of the classic Pina Colada with evaporated milk replacing coconut cream. Not a bad combination but it loses some of the tropical charm that makes the original so tasty.

Did You Know?

Noted for its great, canoe-shaped bill and its brightly coloured blue, green, red and orange feathers, the Keel Billed Toucan is the National bird of Belize.