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Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee is whole coffee beans that have been crushed to powder by friction. Ground coffee is used as an ingredient in the alcoholic Jamaican Coffee. When hot water is passed through ground coffee, it extracts compounds within the coffee beans, resulting in a brewed cup of coffee. There are a number of different ways to process coffee for brewing, and it is important to match grinding method to brewing method to ensure that coffee comes out with good flavor and high quality.

Before ground coffee can be produced, it has to be roasted. When coffee beans are harvested, they are first allowed to cure, and then submitted to a roasting process which can vary in length and intensity, depending on what the coffee will be used for. The quality of the beans and the handling during the roasting process determines which applications the coffee can be used in, and determines how much caffeine will be in each cup

The finest grind of ground coffee is generally considered to be Turkish coffee. Turkish ground coffee must be very small and even to make traditional Turkish coffee drinks.

Coffee flavours can find their way into cocktails through a number of ways, such as hot coffee made from coffee powder, coffee flavoured liqueurs such as Tia Maria or coffee infused vodkas which have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Coffee powder can be used in the making of the classic Irish Coffee recipe, which contains hot coffee, Irish Whiskey, sugar and cream. There are a whole host of popular hot coffee recipes which include alcohol, such as the Spanish Coffeeand the Italian Coffee.