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Coffee Powder

Coffee Powder comes in  fine powder and is typically packaged in tins, sachets and glass jars. Coffee powder is used to make the Nikolaschka cocktail. Powders are often preferred by coffee drinkers, due to their ease of usage and the quickness to make a cup of coffee – you simple add hot water and that is the coffee made. Coffee powder also gives the coffee drinker more flexibility to make their coffee as strong or as weak as they like. There are many different brands of coffee powder available but the most popular and widely recognised is Nescafe, which is a brand from Nestle.

Coffee flavours can find their way into cocktails through a number of ways, such as hot coffee made from coffee powder, coffee flavoured liqueurs such as Tia Maria or coffee infused vodkas which have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Coffee powder can be used in the making of the classic Irish Coffee recipe, which contains hot coffee, Irish Whiskey, sugar and cream. There are a whole host of popular hot coffee recipes which include alcohol, such as the Spanish CoffeeJamaican Coffee and the Italian Coffee.