The Runaway Popularity of the Mojito Cocktail

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Mojito cocktail

If you`re a bit of a web geek like me, you may not be shocked to learn that the term Mojito cocktail is by far the most frequently searched cocktail in Google. Although there exists no definitive guide to what exactly is the most popular cocktail in the world, I feel that Google will provide a good starting point. As such, I thought I would look a little further into why this concoction of rum, mint, sugar and lime has seemingly resonated with so many drinkers across the globe plus I would like to present my version of how to make a mojito.

When looking at the popularity of various cocktails one could approach the topic from various angles. Firstly, it could be argued that the “celebrity factor” of a cocktail plays a crucial element in its popularity. With this in mind, it would be difficult to look past the Vodka Martini (or the Vesper Martini, for the purists) made famous by James Bond in his many action-packed adventures or indeed, one could also focus on the White Russian cocktail, which was spring-boarded into the limelight by cult movie “The Big Lebowski” and the films slacker hero The Dude. If physical appearance is a key to popularity, then surely cocktails such as the classic Tequila Sunrise or, the currently in vogue, Espresso Martini, must surely come on to the radar. Furthermore, if we are focusing on sheer volume of cocktails sold, then it would be very difficult to look past the classic Gin & Tonic (although there are those who debate whether this drink strictly qualifies as a cocktail!).

All that said, the fact that the Mojito cocktail is today, in the year 2012, the most searched cocktail in the most popular search engine on the globe, must only lead us to conclude that it is the cocktail that it is most on peoples minds. One thing for sure about the Mojito is that it is a cocktail that you will find on any cocktail menu, irrespective of what country you are in plus it is that rarity of cocktail that is as just appealing to the beer-guzzling lad culture as it is to the prosecco-sipping girly culture.

The ingredients for a classic Mojito cocktail:

50 ml White Rum, 8 Mint Leaves, 12 1/2 ml Sugar Syrup, 25 ml Lime Juice, 2 Mint Sprigs

Here is how to make a Mojito cocktail

Add the white rum to a highball glass. Add 8 – 10 mint leaves and sugar syrup and lime juice.Muddle with bar spoon. Add crushed ice and a splash of soda. Mix drink down with bar spoon. Taste. Top up with more crushed ice. Slap 2 mint sprigs to release essence and put into drink. Add small splash of soda and straw.

When looking at the popularity of the Mojito cocktail an obvious point of interest is the taste of the drink. The combination of sweetness from the sugar, refreshing citrus from the fresh lime and mint flavours complements the potent kick of the rum perfectly and creates a drink which is beautifully refreshing for the summer plus, due to the relatively low alcohol volume (about 10 % by volume) can be enjoyed fairly liberally.

Cuba Like many classic cocktails, the exact origins of the Mojito cocktail are subject to debate, however, one thing that is agreed upon is that Cuba was the birthplace of the drink. In the last couple of decades, Cuba has become one of the “cool” destinations of the world, with its eclectic mix of “capitalism meets communism” and its world famous mix of cuisine, alcohol, music & cigars. This has all helped in making the Mojito the cool drink of choice. Some of the major rum brands, such as Bacardi, have been quick to pick up on this and have invested in major media campaigns promoting the the drink and showing viewers how to make a Mojito.


Raspberry Mojito cocktailSeveral varieties of the Mojito have emerged which have helped to increase the overall popularity of the cocktail. The introduction of fruit-flavoured and spiced rums have opened the way for a multitude of new types of Mojito, such as the Raspberry Mojito (see below for recipe) which have brought the drink to a whole new audience. Other variations include the Mojito Royal, in which Champagne is used instead of soda water. A Mexican Mojito replaces the rum in the mojito with tequila and replaces the sugar with simple syrup. Another popular alternative is the Dirty Mojito which uses spiced rum, such as Captain Morgans Spiced Rum, brown sugar syrup, key limes, crushed mint and soda. Non-alcoholic cocktails, sometimes referred to as mocktails, have become increasing popular and a Mojito without the alcohol, known as a Virgin Mojito, has also proved considerably popular.


Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Ingredients

50 ml White Rum, 15 ml Raspberry Liqueur, 25 ml Lime Juice, 35 ml Soda Water, 2 Bar Spoons Superfine Sugar, 5 Raspberries, 8 Mint Leaves

How to make a Raspberry Mojito

Add all your ingredients into a tall glass with crushed ice and churn, to dissolve the sugar and chill the drink. Top up with crushed ice. Add straw and garnish with raspberry.



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Posted: November 25, 2012