Thyme for a new ZUBROWKA “Full Moon” Cocktail

Thyme for a new ZUBROWKA “Full Moon” Cocktail
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Zubrowka is a premium Polish rye vodka with a unique aromatic taste derived from the addition of an essence of bison grass which creates a golden-olive colour and a fresh herbaceous taste. Each bottle of Zubrowka contains a single blade of bison grass, which is added by hand. Zubrowka Vodka has made a big impact in the UK over the last few years and indeed, in our September Poll, which asked our Social and Cocktail fans to name their favourite vodka brand, it is currently in second position, behind Grey Goose.

Zubrowka have been creating a special series of “Full Moon” cocktails and, as it so happens, a full moon will cast its mysterious spell over the world on 30 September. To celebrate this captivating lunar spectacle, Zubrowka brand ambassador and cocktail connoisseur, Pawel Rolka, has created the Zubrowka Thyme “Full Moon” Cocktail.

Legend has it that the bison grass that gives Zubrowka its distinctive herbaceous flavour grows surprisingly well under a full moon. It is not known what causes this enchanting natural wonder, but the rare bison grass, which only grows in the remote Bialowieza Forest in north-east Poland, becomes remarkably fragrant and releases a unique almond-like vanilla aroma during this mysterious lunar phase.

The full moon is expected to occur when the moon is exactly opposite the sun at around 3am (GMT) on 30 September. To celebrate the unusual influence the full moon has on the bison grass, Pawel Rolka has prepared a special Full Moon Cocktail – the Zubrowka Thyme

Commenting on his Zubrowka Thyme “Full Moon” Cocktail, Pawel Rolka said: “Thyme has a wonderfully distinctive aromatic flavour that works beautifully well alongside the herbaceous notes of our bison grass-infused vodka. Thyme also has a slightly warming character, which will be perfect for the September full moon – the temperature might be dropping, but the Zubrowka Thyme “Full Moon” Cocktail will lift your spirits.”


The Zubrowka Thyme “Full Moon” Cocktail will be shared on Zubrowka’s Facebook page at and Twitter feed @Zubrowkauk

Bartenders and budding cocktail creators everywhere will be invited to submit their own “Full Moon” Cocktail creations.

This Zubrowka Full Moon Cocktail is the fourth in a series – a delightful new cocktail combination will be created each month on the date of the full moon.



Zubrowka Thyme


Zubrowka Thyme




50ml Zubrowka


15ml Thyme Syrup


15ml Lemon Juice


Lemon Wedge


For the Garnish

A fresh sprig of thyme

A thin strip of lemon peel


Mixing Instructions

Combine all ingredients together into an ice filled tumbler and stir. Add the lemon wedge and garnish with a fresh sprig of thyme and a strip of lemon peel


Written by damien

Posted: September 28, 2012