Prescriptions for a Cocktail – we’re with you there!

Prescriptions for a Cocktail – we’re with you there!
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We already knew cocktails were good for you – this is no big news to us. And oh, how happy we are that Reform Social and Grill in Marylebone agrees. In fact, they’re taking medicinal cocktails to a whole new level with their Prescription cocktails.


reform social and grillYes, the doctor will see you now – and the doctor is a dab hand with a cocktail shaker. The idea is that, as well as serving the classics, then bespoke cocktails can be created for the mood you’re in. Describe your symptoms – be them a sniffle or a broken heart – and sit back as the mixology maestros whip you up something special.

We dropped in one afternoon with a list of ailments as long as our arm, ready to be restored with curative concoctions. The room itself is lovely, with deep armchairs to sink into, a stylish bar, and the feelings of true old-school glamour. Behind those frosted doors the world seems to melt away, and we were ready to loose a few hours to cocktail research.

The bartenders are definitely clued up on what they sell – tell them your favourite spirit, and they will suggest a little known one that you might not have heard of but are sure to enjoy. We complained of a lack of vitamin D (it had been raining for several days), and were whipped up a glorious vibrant yellow cocktail the colour of holidays and a burnt pineapple ring decorating the surface. Oh, and rum – lots of rum. And how about those feeling of despair, guilt and tearfulness? (sounds like hangover anxiety to us). Well, soon you’ll feel 100% better with a libation of bourbon sweetened with marmalade and bitters to banish those winter blues. We were given a great twist on an Amaretto sour, that came complete with a cookie and jam dollop to perk us up.

reform social and grill

And, now it’s June, the Thirsty Traveller is one of the prescription specials, designed to heal your woes. Priced at £9, we won’t give away what’s in it, but trust us – it’s a boozy one with an exotic twist.

The whole experience is great fun – you’re guaranteed to find something you’ve not tried before, and the little prescription slips appeal to our whimsical sense of humour. Plus, if you return your prescription during your next visit then you obtain 20% discount on your next cocktail. That sounds very healthy!

We heartily recommend stopping by Reform Social and Grill for their Prescription cocktails. Pop in for whatever ails you – and leave feeling fabulous!


Prescription cocktails at Reform Social and Grill


Written by Rebecca Milford

Posted: June 2, 2015

Rebecca is a cocktail connoisseur & fan of good nosh. A PR whizz with a gold medal in bar hopping, you can follow her on Twitter here.