Most Expensive Cocktail – The ‘Maestro’ Salvatore Calabrese to break World Record

Most Expensive Cocktail – The ‘Maestro’ Salvatore Calabrese to break World Record
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It has been four years since the current World Record holders created the world’s most expensive cocktail and now, the time has come for it to finally be broken! And no one is more fitting to smash the record, than the world’s leading cocktail expert, Salvatore Calabrese.


Salvatore CalabreseTo coincide with London Cocktail Week, Salvatore Calabrese plans to break the world record in his self-titled bar, Salvatore’s at Playboy Club London on Thursday 11th October. The cocktail is called ‘Salvatore’s Legacy’ and will be priced at £5,500 a glass. The ingredients are 40ml 1778 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac, 20ml 1770 Kummel Liqueur, 20ml circa 1860 Dubb Orange Curacao and two dashes of circa 1900s Angostura Bitters.

The current record for most expensive cocktail is held by The Skyview Bar of Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and stands at £3,766.52 a glass. Salvatore had originally planned his attempt in July this year, but to Salvatore’s dismay, his vintage cognac bottle was broken in his bar, which meant this had to be put on hold. Now, Salvatore is more determined than ever to create the world’s most expensive cocktail, saying: “I was devastated when my bottle smashed and thought my dream of breaking the world record was over, but thankfully it has all worked out and nothing will stop me now.“

Known as ‘The Maestro’ within the industry, Salvatore has over 30 years’ experience of creating drinks and has a number of awards to his name, since opening his bar on 14 Old Park Lane including ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’ and most recently ‘Best Drinks Selection’. In 2004, he opened his first solo venture with Salvatore at FIFTY in London’s St James’s. During his time here ‘The Maestro’ served a whole host of celebrities from around the world, all keen to sample the legendary cocktails that he is famous for. Salvatore has bought this experience along with his fantastic creations to his new arena, ‘Salvatore’s’ at the prestigious Playboy Club London.

Salvatore Calabrese has also earned a reputation as an expert on vintage Cognacs after spending many years tracking down, collecting and serving some of the world’s oldest and rarest vintages. He has built an enviable collection worth over £1 million displayed in his bar at Playboy Club London, and enthusiasts travel from around the world to sample his collection that stretches back to 1770.

Not only will ‘Salvatore’s Legacy’ be the world’s most expensive cocktail, but will include spirits from the time of the American Revolution and when Captain Cook claimed Australia – making it the oldest as well!


Written by damien

Posted: September 19, 2012