HenBox’s 5 Favourite Hen Party Games

HenBox’s 5 Favourite Hen Party Games
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Toilet Paper Hen Party GameGet the party started at your Hen Party by including some fun and memorable games! They are the perfect way to break the ice between friendship groups and to give everybody a chance to get to know each other. At HenBox we have 5 favourite hen party games.

1.Mr and Mrs. Quiz

The Mr and Mrs Quiz is our all-time favourite game for a hen party! The aim of the game is to test how well the Bride-to-Be knows her future groom. So here’s how it’s done, before the hen do the bridesmaids need to tape or video the groom answering approximately 20 questions about the bride to be and their relationship. At the hen party, gather everybody together to ask the same questions to the bride to be. After each answer, play back the recording of the groom to see if their answers match up. Trust us, this always causes some red faces but plenty of laughter as you never quite know what either the bride or the groom are going to come out with!

2.Treasure Hunt

Although a lot of time and effort goes into planning a Treasure Hunt it is well worth it as this is sure to be a hen party game that everyone will remember. It is also a great idea for a day time activity. Whether your hen party is being hosted at home, in a city or on a beach this game will keep your hen party busy for hours.

3.Toilet Paper Couture

Split the hen party into groups of about 4 or 5 people and nominate one person per team as the bride. The challenge is to create a wedding dress out of only toilet paper in 5 minutes. The bride-to-be chooses the winning toilet paper wedding dress.

4.The Present Game

This is always a fun game to play at a hen night, especially for the bride.  Each guest must bring a small present worth £5 or under which represents their relationship with the bride. All the gifts are then gathered together for the bride to be to open. As the bride unwraps each present she must guess who the present is from!

5. The Bride To Be Quiz

Think you know the bride to be better than the rest? Well test your knowledge by putting together a quiz all about the bride to be with questions ranging from her first pet to her favourite cocktail. Don’t forget to put together some forfeits together for the loser!

If you want some further help planning some fun hen party games then download our FREE Hen Party Game Kit here.


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Posted: October 8, 2014