Cocktail Bar Review: Strata, Glasgow

Cocktail Bar Review: Strata, Glasgow
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Strata BarIdeally situated in Glasgow’s bustling city centre, my friends and I went along on a Wednesday evening around 8 o’clock. Strata is a chilled hub for enjoying post- shopping or after work cocktails. I liked the feel of the bar as it was very welcoming and a pleasant break from the busy streets nearby. Strata had mid-week cocktail promotions -£3.50 on selected drinks, providing good value for money.

As soon as we entered we were approached by the welcoming bar staff who seated us and handed us the cocktail menu. Strata itself has a rustic feel with a modern twist. The lights hanging low with no lampshade gives an almost post industrial feel. The music was jazzy but relaxed which added to the atmosphere. The cocktail list was well thought out with the prices ranging between £4.50 – £7.25.

Firstly I went for the Pineapple and Vanilla Mojito, a very refreshing drink. Providing a twist on the classics seems to be what Strata do best. Using Havana Club rum and vanilla schnapps this is a combination worked well, it was apparent to my taste buds that pineapple was the more dominant flavour.

My friend opted for the Caramel Manhattan, again a twist on your standard Manhattan. Bourbon based yet not too overpowering, the caramel flavouring making it easier to drink. As a non whiskey/bourbon drinker, even I could enjoy this drink.

Next I tried the Mango and Basil Daiquiri. As soon as I read the menu I knew that this would be winner for me and it did not fail to disappoint. The hint of basil provided an aromatic complement to the sweetness of the mango.

The cocktail menu showcased Strata’s chosen recipes, however the friendly bar man was willing to go off menu and prepare an Espresso Martini at our request. This coffee cocktail was blended to perfection- nice and smooth and no residual bitter coffee aftertaste.

We finished off by ordering Long Island Ice Teas-not a cocktail I would normally choose. However Strata’s version of this was very pleasant. This was due to the drink being layered with cane sugar rather than Gomme syrup used in most Long Island ice Teas. This lacked the sweet cloying taste as well as the overpowering taste of the tequila that I usually associate with this cocktail.

Overall, I really enjoyed my evening at Strata, the drinks were reasonably priced and excellently presented with a good selection of cocktails on offer. It is no wonder that Strata were 2012’s DRAM Newest Bar Of The Year. This was an experience I would be happy to repeat, perhaps at the weekend.

3 stars


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Posted: July 27, 2013