Community Cocktails at Cluny Lodge

Community Cocktails at Cluny Lodge
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Social and Cocktail Events continues “Community Cocktails” initiative at Cluny Lodge Care Home in Edinburgh

The Community Cocktails initiative continued on Friday 13th Feb with a prohibition style cocktail party at the Cluny Lodge Residential Care Home in Edinburgh. Social and Cocktail Events provided a state-of-the art mobile cocktail bar, a professional cocktail bartender, snacks, cocktail glassware, decorations and a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, including the classic Strawberry Daiquiri and the alcohol-free Blueberry Mojito cocktail.

To help create a more authentic experience for the residents, we attempted to create a prohibition era style theme, by putting up cut-outs representing speak-easys, jazz musicians and other elements of that era. We also played a range of music from the era, including Jazz, Swing and Rag-Time, which all the residents thoroughly enjoyed. One of the staff at the home even broke out in an acapella version of some classic hits, including, the old Cole Porter classic “I get a kick out of you”, getting all the residents to sing along.The residents loved the 1920s as it brought back great memories of a by-gone era.

Cluny Lodge Cocktails 2

Over 40 residents attended the event and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. For many of the residents, this was the first time they got to experience the Cocktail Culture that has spread across the UK over the last decade. The Classic Brandy Alexander – a mixture of Brandy, Crème de Cacao, Milk and grated nutemeg – was the biggest hit with residents on the day. Our Social and Cocktail Bartender also did a demonstration for all the residents, showing them how each cocktail is made and telling them about the history of each cocktail and the spirits used in their making.

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Cluny Lodge Social and Leisure Manager, Marion Durie was delighted with the event:

““Wonderful ! Superb ! Great Fun! ” Were just some of the words used to describe the Cocktail Party Social and Cocktail Events gave the residents of Cluny Lodge & Chamberlain Nursing Home on Friday afternoon. Josh made some very delicious, colourful cocktails enjoyed by all. All the Social and Cocktail staff worked so hard and were outstandingly professional. They made sure that not only did everyone have an excellent service, but the team also created a wonderful atmosphere, leaving everyone with a happy hangover!!

Thank you so much & we look forward to inviting you both back again.”

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Written by damien

Posted: February 20, 2015