Best Cocktail Bars in Europe

Best Cocktail Bars in Europe
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A look at the best cocktail bars in Europe

When you’re travelling abroad, heading to a cocktail bar is a great way to try different twists on the classics that you know from your home country .While Europe was primarily known for beer and wine, bartenders have begun to master mixed drinks all over the continent. It’s important to remember that when you head to Europe, you have a European Health Card with you to ensure that if the worst was to happen you are prepared. We’ve all stumbled out of a bar and twisted an ankle and then an EHIC will help to ensure that you are covered by medical care in the country. There are a huge number of cocktail bars in Europe that you can try, and we’re having a look at some of the best.

vesper4Vesper, Amsterdam

This small and elegant bar has a very James Bond vibe to it, and has been a hit with locals and tourist since it opened in 2010. While it tends to serve tea-based beverages for a take on the classic afternoon tea on the weekends, all of the cocktails that ae made at this bar are homemade. In fact, everything from the bitters to the foam is made from scratch, all on site, to provide a better flavour than ever. If you’re a lover of strong cocktails, then you should venture into the Vesper Martini for a mic of Tanqueray gin, Ketel One vodka, Lillet Blanc and Angostura bitters to really get the party started.

Ruby, Copenhagen

If you’re looking for a stylish cocktail bar that will transform your surroundings, then Ruby in Copenhagen is it. It was opened in 2007 and remains a pioneer for the cocktail scene in the area. Complete with plush rugs and leather sofas to relax on, the cocktail list is both seasonal and exceptionally creative. Mixing fruits, liqueurs, homemade mixes, secret vodkas, and lesser-known classics there’s plenty to enjoy.

Roberto American Bar, Vienna

This bar opened in 2014 and offers a list of complex drinks packed with classic ingredients like espresso and ginger beer. One of the best bartenders in Vienna, Roberto Pavlovic, owns this establishment, and with a number of complex flavours all thrown into their extensive cocktail list, it’s not a surprise to see it make this list. One of the most notable on the cocktail list is Bobe’s Special, which is both potent and tart with a combination of gin, peach tree liqueur, lime and pineapple juice.

tretters-prague-5Tretter’s, Prague

This bar is inspired by the Jazz era and the New York bar scene of the 1920s. If y9ou want a throwback to this era, then Tretter’s is the perfect place to be. The bartenders will happily create anything that you desire, and one of the most recommended drinks on the establishment is the Gin Negroni, which features jasmine and bergamot-infused gin to create a unique combination of flavours to enjoy. From a comprehensive list to the perfect setting and expert bartenders, Tretter’s is the ideal place to head to for a cocktail in Prague.


Written by damien

Posted: October 13, 2016