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The Trading House

The Trading House

The Trading House says:

‘Frontier importers and exporters of particular and peculiar eccentricities, curiosities and antiquities. Offering a soon-to-be world-famous selection of spiced-twist cocktails, using teas and spices we’ve discovered from around the globe. With a twist on old classics, we’ve created a unique product which pushes the boundaries in terms of what people know about cocktails and spirits. The time we invest in our staff and the attention to detail we create our cocktails with, ensures anyone who comes through the doors will find something they love. Our cocktail menu is unique in that it is designed with influence from our bar team, who are given the freedom to explore new avenues, bringing all sorts of different ingredients together to create drinks that challenge the norm. The Trader, our refreshing signature cocktail is £6.95 and a must try! Over 80 worldwide craft beers and ciders, a traditionally British G&T list, Champagne and wine. Food is inspired by the deli, rotisserie and BBQ, serving our famous hanging kebabs from £8.95! Complete with live music every night, sublime social times are guaranteed!

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Signature Cocktail

The Trader

The Trader Cocktail With The Trader we have used spirits and teas to completely enhance and create flavours you wouldn’t expect. We use English Summer Garden Tea and an Elderflower liquor, to bring out the powerful notes in the white rum used. Using tea in our cocktails, similar to mint, we have managed to completely change the style of drink guests are expecting and create something they have never tasted before. The floral, fruity and natural notes of the tea epitomise as a brand what we are all about whilst pushing the boundaries of what people associate with cocktails.
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Cosmo 7.95

Mojito 6.95

Margarita 8.95


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