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Bar Sixtyone says:

Sixtyone Restaurant and Bar is all about great food, exquisite wines and a convivial atmosphere, where people come to relax, enjoy and unwind. Our bar manager, Jeremy Pascal, is an alchemist when it comes to cocktails, serving up recreated classics and delicious new creations.

Social and Cocktail says:

It seems like absolutely donkey’s years ago now, but back in December Social and Cocktail was lucky enough to cover the Benedictine cocktail finals. This completion saw four of the UK’s top bartenders travel to Fecamp in Normandy to present their exciting and unique libations in the home of the liqueur, and boy did we enjoy trying them. The London representative was talented Frenchman Jeremy Pascal, who wowed us with his version of a flip, using ingredients such as rosemary, vanilla butterscotch, stout and earl grey tea.

Jeremy heads up the bar team at the impressive and highly-recommended Sixtyone in Marylebone, and as February got into full swing we decided we’d go and pay him a small visit to hear about his latest libations. We left the mixology in his expert hands, and the result was a procession of delicious and innovative cocktails that soon had us giddy.

But first, a little about the bar. The mood is sleek and stylish – there’s an air of sultry glamour about the place, with the soft lightning, low leather couches and warm caramel tones. We propped ourselves at one of the higher tables and got ready for the taste sensation to come.

Jeremy delivered the first trio with a flourish, and they could not have been more attractive. Standing in various rainbow hues, they looked almost too good to drink. The first, a lovely peach colour topped by snowy foam and with a garnish of two little strips of celery, was the Ernest Especial Detox – part of Sixtyone’s famous Cleansing Cocktails. Containing Havana Club 3yrs, celery, peach, agave syrup and fresh lime, it was the perfect palate cleanser – refreshing, clean, with a citrus zing to balance the slight pepperiness of the celery. And the froth? Anis foam, to add a slight sweetness. Delicious and healthy(ish) – what could be better?

CosmoThe second was an amazing honey-coloured nectar that almost looked like a dessert – the whole glass was dusted with white powder like snow (actually citric acid for a tongue-tingling buzz). This was a Cosmo – or rather, Jeremy’s version of it. A combination of Vodka infused with Tonka bean, vanilla, sultanas, and cinnamon for a warming spice that tasted like Christmas in a cup – add to this the orange glow of Grand Marnier with some pickled cranberry juice, and this was a real flavour sensation.

Two more cocktails arrived, and luckily they were equally decadent, since my sweet tooth had been activated by the last. The Chocolate Flip is a roaringly good invention of Brandy, homemade apple wine, spiced caramel (mmm!) and egg white for that special silky smoothness, served with a side order of Nutella Power. Yep, you heard that right. Make sure you order enough for the table, otherwise you’ll be fighting over it as if it were the last Rolo in the packet. Or, simply order the Salted Jimador – tequila mixed with that most divine of ingredients – salted caramel, given an extra richness from chocolate liqueur and then served with marshmallow foam. I’m licking my lips just thinking about it again.

And, for those that want something less indulgent that packs a punch, try the Juleb – an innovative mix of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, home-made fig & rosemary jam, fresh mint, black pepper extract & spiced sugar syrup. The intense sticky jam marries perfectly with the deep, smooth bourbon and pop of fresh mint to create one of our favourite drinks of the night.

And, just in case you think this sounds like a LOT of booze (which it kind of was) never fear, as Sixtyone bar has a wonderful snack menu that will help line your stomach.

So, for cocktails in a relaxed yet swish atmosphere, that are novel, gorgeous and surprise your taste buds, then a visit to Sixtyone bar is a must. We already knew Jeremy was an ultra-talented cocktail whizz – and this has only cemented that further!

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