“Silver Rocks” Vodka Competition

“Silver Rocks” Vodka Competition
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Social and Cocktail have teamed up with “Silver Rocks” Vodka to give away 3 bottles of their fantastic vodka. Simply answer the question at the end of this post.

“Silver Rocks” is a smooth luxury Vodka from Poland which is distilled four times using tried and tested methods. The delicate flavours of “Silver Rocks” are clean and subdued, with a floral nose and a very subtle strawberry sweetness. The slight peppery tingle and faint brazil nut essence gives “Silver Rocks” a vibrant kick that has made it a firm favourite at Social and Cocktail Towers.

Cocktails are a natural choice for those with a taste for “Silver Rocks”. Because of its taste versatility, the flavour combination of “Silver Rocks” and the potential for mixing is almost endless. So, once you have finished enjoying a classic “Silver Rocks” ‘on the rocks’ to adjust your palate to the many possibilities, you can start getting adventurous with your mixology skills. We`ve listed a few of our favourite “Silver Rocks” concoctions below.


Rock BottomSilver Mulesilver cosmoGolden B









We have 3 Bottles of “Silver Rocks” Vodka to Give Away.

Answer the below question and send your answer to info@socialandcocktail.co.uk

What country does “Silver Rocks” Vodka come from?


Competition closes 21st February 2014

Entrants must be aged 18 years or over

We will announce the winners on Monday 24th February on our Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.








Written by damien

Posted: February 12, 2014