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Hood Street Club

Hood Street Club

Hood Street Club says:

Styled on the private drinking clubs of London and New York, sophisticated and stylish, discreet and discerning –  welcome to the newest venue in Newcastle.
Hood Street Club has been inspired by the secret drinking dens which are popular in capital cities around the world.
Visitors can book one of a number of private booths with the club also offering a VIP area and an outside smoking terrace.

Social and Cocktail says:

The latest addition to the Fluid collection, the Hood Street Club is located in the heart of Newcastle, funnily enough, on the corner of Hood Street. Sneakily tucked away, the simplistic doors open into a lavishly furnished interior, with a variety of different levels throughout the venue. First impressions are excellent, with the usual Fluid attention to detail in the bar, and with plenty of areas to stand, sit and mill around.

The menu itself is small but well formed; with a wide selection of spirits being used to concoct both old favourites and new takes on club classics. We kicked off our evening with a Gin Martini, made with Tanqueray 10 Gin and Noilly Prat Vermouth, served dry and with a thick slice of lemon peel. The barman seemed knowledgeable about his subject and engaged us in conversation throughout the preparation of our drink, which was crisp, dry, perfectly chilled and well mixed.

Next up, we decided to order an Espresso Martini, made with a double shot of Central Bean espresso (Fluid’s Coffee House chain), Stoli Vanilla Vodka, white Crème de Cacao, and Kahlua. Unfortunately the bar we ordered from did not have a coffee machine, so it took a little longer to get our drink, although the staff were perfectly pleasant and apologetic about the wait. When it did arrive, it was slightly disappointing; the crema from the espresso had completely dissipated, the classic kick from the espresso was not present and sadly the drink had very little taste to it.

Soldiering onwards, we selected our next (and final) weapon; the Old School Mojito. Havana 7 Rum, freshly squeezed lime juice, Demerara sugar, and mint leaves, all churned together to produce an authentic latin drink. The drink was refreshing on two counts. It offered a nigh perfect ratio of mint & rum, and the lime gave this drink a quintessentially Cuban zing, although it went down a little too quickly for our liking! It also proves that contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to source a good quality Mojito in the centre of town on a Saturday night, even if it does mean a 5 minute wait at the bar.

The Hood Street Club is a delightful little watering hole hidden away in the centre of town, with wonderful staff, service, and good drinks. We’d recommend heading down quite early at weekends, say around nine o’clock, although the bar is open till rather late on Saturdays. Fluid have kitted this bar out with some amazing décor, with decorative Jeroboams of Champagne littering the back bars and snazzy wallpaper and lighting. The music varies throughout the evening but is conducive to conversation. All in all, the Hood Street Club is a bar to watch, with good quality mixology and great surroundings, this place is a socialite’s dream.

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