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Albannach says:

The restaurant encompasses both the mezzanine level and ground floor of Albannach and is a stylish and comfortable setting for any lunch or dinner event. Our restaurant can be hired out for exclusive events with the mezzanine seating up to 50 guests and the ground floor up to 90. Our ground floor restaurant offers unparalleled views of Trafalgar Square and is perfect for accommodating large groups.

Social And Cocktail says:

Sitting discretely on the Southern aspect of Trafalgar Square under the watchful eye of Lord Nelson himself is a bar so Scottish it didn’t even bother thinking of a name different to its theme; Albannach being Celtic for Scottish of course. Such positioning next to a most English of landmarks might be considered madness or genius depending on what side of the fence you sit on, but we’re not here to discuss politics.

Albannach Stag Overlooking Restaurant

Once inside, the emphasis on Scottishness is relievingly toned down, and there is not a hint of tartan in sight. Instead, a decidedly masculine decor that is heavy on the wood and simple on the lines is punctuated by antler-shaped chandeliers, and a life-size glowing stag that watches over proceedings with a piercing gaze. Most of the space is dedicated to the restaurant that offers a carnivore-friendly menu of British produce at prices that reflect the tourist-trap location.

Despite the proximity to swarms of foreigners the clientele seem reassuringly local, with a mix of suits and informal social gatherings sprinkled with the obligatory romantic dates consisting of men drinking whisky and their female companions drinking anything but. This is you see, a bar with an impressive selection of spirits of the fermented grain ilk. With the majority of seating dedicated to the restaurant, those visiting purely for lubrication must do so by taking a pew at the bar, which offers the perfect opportunity to perve at the many delicious malts on offer.

Weirdly, for a Scottish bar that takes its whisky pretty seriously, not one of the ‘signature cocktails’ features this fine Scottish export; indeed with the exception of the five cocktails in the ‘whisky cocktail’ section, the remainder of the otherwise varied list is decidedly short on grain spirit. The drinks themselves offer promise, but for the most part are executed with a frustrating number of schoolboy errors. An Old Fashioned was treated unsuccessfully to a double orange twist, resulting in an overly citrusy concotion that was almost undrinkable, and although things improved with a Bols Geneva and Antica Formula-based Martinez, the stingy application of bitters made for a limp-tasting libation. Those seeking less challenging flavour combinations are well catered for with drinks such as Albannach Stag, a well conceived mix of rum, ginger beer, lime juice and berries which was tasty enough if a little unexciting. Creative flair is also on show with drinks such as the Pear Sour whose simple name belies the powerful flavour combination of whisky, pear and cardamom; a drink that so nearly fell into the ‘genius’ category were it not for the fact that the bartender must have been running low on lemons and the result was all a bit sweet.

Albannach so nearly delivers the goods of a solid cocktail bar in a great location but is let down by some daft mistakes. If you’re in the area and in desperate need of a mixed drink then you’re certainly not going to be demanding your money back, but with all those whiskies just waiting to be tried, I’d stick with the good stuff.Albannach Back Bar


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