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Cerise Cocktail Bar

Cerise Cocktail Bar

Cerise Cocktail Bar says:

Cerise Cocktail Bar is one of Reading’s most relaxed cocktail bars. Located underneath the Forbury Hotel in the centre of Reading, but this is by no means an ‘underground’ bar. This is the place to unwind and be looked after, be it in one of our private alcoves or outside in the secret garden. Our extensive menu is a great read and has many of our own creations and contemporary classics. It also features a ‘cocktail of the month’ page which provides our patrons with the opportunity to test our latest creations and always gives them something new to try on a regular basis. Our focus is talking to our guests; each one is different so we are always in dialogue with them so we can ascertain what flavours are to their taste and ultimately select them a beverage that will leave them thoroughly satisfied, refreshed, and relaxed.

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Cosmo £8.00

Mojito £8.00

Margarita £8.00


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