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Beaufort Bar at the Savoy

Beaufort Bar at the Savoy

Beaufort Bar says:

The Beaufort Bar provides a theatrical, art deco setting in which to enjoy Champagne, cocktails and cabaret. The jet-black and burnished gold décor exudes the glamour of a time when such luminaries as Carol Gibbons, The Savoy Orpheans and George Gershwin graced the cabaret stage at The Savoy.

The new cocktail menu is a brainchild of award-winning Head Bartender Chris Moore, and will literally throw open a heady world of characters, flavours, tales and scents, sending the guest on a tactile and sensory journey.

With a history of commissioning artwork for its menus, this new menu has been inspired by far-flung parts of the world and famous faces and, travelling through iconic eras, each beautifully crafted cocktail will tell its own story.

Social and Cocktail says:

It seems like one of the most daunting challenges imaginable – opening a new bar in London, a place already alive and buzzing with watering holes that suit all tastes imaginable.

Surely to have confidence that your endeavour is going to work then you need pizzaz; the wow factor that separates it from the crowd; that little bit of magic.

Ol Blue Eyes ResizedOR you could just raid Harry Potter’s back-to-school trunk for enough magic to floor a unicorn and more wow factor than Beyonce riding a Swarovski encrusted palomino. Because that is the scale of sheer impressive supremacy that is the new Beaufort Bar at The Savoy.

If you’re familiar with The Savoy then you will know that the interior is already one of luxurious opulence. It is beautiful, and it is grand, and there is a tinkly piano playing somewhere so that you feel you could almost be transported back to the heady cocktail days of the 1920s. But if this is the stage for drinks-magnificence, then how about the actors, and the props?

Well, the scene is set by the introduction of the most beautiful cocktail menu you have probably ever laid eyes on. Seriously, this is a piece of artwork that will elicit gasps of delight from anyone that appreciates attention to detail and innovation. For one thing, it’s pop-up. This has the double-pronged effect of not only being impressive paper construction, but also speaking to our inner-child – the one that delighted in these wonderful books when we were younger.

This combination of whimsy and skill sets the tone for the cocktails themselves. Flick carefully through the pages and watch as each libation springs to life in front of you. Through the application of shadow, colour, shape and cut-out, we are taken on a journey – a veritable fairy-tale of concoction options.

Pan American Highway ResizedThe first drink that grabbed our attention was the Pomello and White Pepper Gimlet. A feast for all the senses, it offers a chance to imagine the cocktail before it actually arrives. When it does, it lives up to expectations. A burst of refreshment in the mouth from the citrus, married perfectly with the tantalising after-heat of pepper on the tongue that sets taste-buds dancing. It helps that it is served in stunning glass wear with the daintiest stem, adding even more style to the drink.

Another show-stopper was undoubtedly The Impressionist, combining cherry marnier, raspberry and rose cordial, violette liqueur and champagne. Served with an actual bunch of roses that bring scents of the classic English garden right to your table, the delicate flavours are then layered expertly with bubbles to cause a heady fizz to completely take over each fizz.

You can also get a drink that is homage to Coco Chanel, and one that Ernie Hemingway would be proud of. And if you fall so completely in love with the menu that you can’t bear to part with it then never fear, they are available to purchase in the gift shop.

So there you have it. If you weren’t already pining for a drink at the new Beaufort Bar then we imagine you will be now. Trust us – it’s the hottest ticket in town, and an occasion that will stay in your memory long after the last sip has been taken and the final note of the piano has faded.

Rebecca Milford

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