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Xante is a Cognac- based pear liqueur and is used in the Super Sleigh cocktail.  Xante has become increasingly popular in UK cocktail bars and is being used in more and more cocktail recipes.

Xante is created using a belnd of cognacs aged in limousine oak barrels and with Belgian pears. Due to the maturation process that is used, the sugar content is approximately 16-17% which is generally low for a liqueur. The liqueur also has a higher alcohol content than the average liqueur. The brown-yellowish, almost golden, hue of the drink is derived from the cognac and the sugar is derived completely from the pears – no sugar added.

Xante has quite a vibrant fruity taste and can enjoyed as an aperitif or used in a variety of pear flavoured cocktails. You can also liven up a glass of prosecco or Champagne by adding a dash of Xante. Xante can also be used in various desserts, such as poached pears or simply poured over ice cream. One further idea that works well is to add a shot of Xante to your coffee. If drinking Xante neat, make sure that it is ice-cold, for superior taste.

Xante was launched on the market at the end of 1995 and is currently composed by Richard Heinrich, master blender at Maison Heinrich Liquoristerie Artisanale. In 1997 the owners of Absolut vodka bought a stake in the company, which allowed the liqueur to be launched in several markets throughout the world. Its main popularity still remains within the Scandinavian regions.