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Averna Liqueur

Averna Liqueur is sweet, thick and has a gently herbal bitterness. It is 29% alc/volume and distilled and bottled in Italy. Averna Liqueur is produced on the Island of Sicily and is considered a traditional drink. Averna Liqueur can be regarded as a classic digestif. The subtle bitterness of Averna Liqueur makes it ideal for mixing with and it forms the base of several cocktails including Midnight Smash and Vertigo.

Averna liqueur is produced by allowing the base liquor to soak in a medley of herbs, roots and citrus rinds after which caramel is added, which gives the liqueur its distinct colour. Averna is usually sipped neat or can also be served on the rocks. The inclusion of the liqueur in several popular cocktails has mainly been an evolution over the last decade.

The story of Averna liqueur began in the city of Caltanissetta in Italy, with a man named Salvatore Averna, at the beginning of the 19th century. Salvatore was benefactor of the Convent of St. Spirito`s Abbey in which a group of friars produced a herbal concoction which followed a secretly guarded recipe. In 1859 the friars gave the recipe to Salvatore as a token of gratitude for what they had done for them over the years and in 1868 Salvatore began production of the elixir. It was not until about 10 years later that his son, Francesco Averna, began promoting it at trade fairs across Italy and abroad.

Averna Liqueur is not commonly stocked in bars and can be quite difficult to get hold of, however if you check on most on-line drinks stores you should be able to purchase a bottle …or three.