World Record Aperol Spritz Toast set. Cheers!

World Record Aperol Spritz Toast set. Cheers!
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On June 29th thousands descended on the iconic Piazza San Marco in Venice for Aperol Spritz! Happy Record! to attempt a Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest Aperol Spritz Toast’. 2,657 people joined in the social spirit of Aperol Spritz eager to clink their glasses to make history.


The world record attempt was overseen by Guinness World RecordsTM and a team of local judges. The successful setting of a new Guinness World Record was officially announced at 19:45 CET.
With all attendees dressed in orange T-shirts, they filled up Piazza San Marco and stood in the formation of an Aperol Spritz glass as they took their positions for the world’s ‘Largest Aperol Spritz Toast’ representing the distinctive colour and spirit of the drink.
Lorenzo Veltri, Guinness World Records™ adjudicator said: “To see so many people come together and set a Guinness World Record sharing in the spirit of Aperol Spritz was fantastic. It is always exciting when a brand new Guinness World Record is achieved and this has been a truly unique experience.”
The celebration saw a great participation from all over the country with 52% of people from Italy and 48% from abroad, joining in this social celebration.
Andrea Conzonato, Chief Marketing Officer, Gruppo Campari, said: “We wanted to give people a reason to socialize and celebrate with Aperol Spritz and what better way than setting a new Guinness World Record. By choosing Piazza San Marco we wanted as well to pay a tribute to the birthplace and the people that make one the most traditional and popular drink of the Veneto Region, an international appreciated drink. Aperol Spritz is the perfect accompaniment to socializing with friends and the place and this celebration show just that.”


Written by damien

Posted: July 11, 2012