Valentines Cocktails from PIMM’S® + Competition

Valentines Cocktails from PIMM’S® + Competition
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Social and Cocktail and PIMM’S® Blackberry & Elderflower have teamed up to present 5 amazing Valentines Day cocktails made with their latest special edition tipple and we also have 3 Bottles of their PIMM’S® Blackberry & Elderflower to give away to 3 lucky winners. Simply answer the question at the end of this post.

The following 5 simple cocktails bring a fruity flourish to Valentine’s entertaining and are a sure-fire way to impress that special someone. Fusing the quintessentially British flavours of blackberry and fragrant elderflower, each serve is blended with warming spices and delicate citrus twists.

Blackberry DecadenceBlackberry Decadence

For the indulgent devotee

35ml Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower

50ml apple juice

5ml double cream

A sprinkle of chocolate shavings


Method: Add the Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower and apple juice into a saucepan and heat through until warm, being careful not to boil.  Pour your drink into your chosen glasses. Slowly pour in the double cream on top. Garnish with a few chocolate shavings. (0.7 units)


Spiced Berry CrushSpiced Berry Crush

For the starry-eyed sweetie

50ml Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower

10ml vanilla syrup

Crushed ice



Method: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake and strain in to a martini glass. Garnish with a fresh blackberry for an added fruity finish. (1 unit)


Love At First SparkleLove at First Sparkle

For the hopeless romantic

35ml Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower

10ml fresh lemon juice

10ml elderflower cordial

Top with Champagne


Method:  Add the Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower, squeeze of lemon and elderflower cordial into a cocktail shaker.  Strain into a flute and top with Champagne. Garnish with a couple of fresh rose petals or a twist of lime peel. (2 units)


Blackberry BlissBlackberry Bliss

For the fiery lover


50ml Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower

15ml fresh lime

10ml ginger syrup

Top with ginger beer



Method:  Add the Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower, squeeze of lime and ginger syrup into a wine glass filled with cubed ice. Stir well and top with ginger beer. For a final romantic flourish, add a couple of ‘love hearts’ and a fresh rose petal. (1.3 units)


Apple Of My EyeApple of my Eye

For the affectionate companion


50ml Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower

150ml cloudy apple juice

15ml fresh lemon juice

10ml toffee syrup or maple syrup


Method:  Add all of the ingredients to a pan and heat through – be careful not to boil. Pour into a heat-proof glass or, for a vintage vibe, a teacup and saucer. Garnish with a fresh blackberry. (1.3 units)


We have 3 Bottles of  PIMM’S® Blackberry & Elderflower to Give Away

Answer the below question and send your answer to

What British sports summer tournament is PIMM’S® most popularly associated with?


Competition closes 22nd February 2014

Entrants must be aged 18 years or over

We will announce the winners on Tuesday 25th February on our Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.




Written by damien

Posted: February 13, 2014