Guide to Aberdeen Cocktail Bars

Guide to Aberdeen Cocktail Bars
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When you think about cocktail bars, Aberdeen may not be the first city to spring to mind, but over the last few years Aberdeen Cocktail Bars have began to really take flight and are becoming the very heart of Aberdeen nightlife.

aberdeen amicus apple 2

Amicus Apple Aberdeen, which originated in Edinburgh, has now spread its wings north, and can be found at the top end of Langstane Place, home to several Aberdeen barsIt boasts an exciting menu of over 50 freshly made cocktails, ranging from classic favourites, such as the Tiki-style Mai Tai, the popular Mojito and the sweet Daiquiri, to more experimental concoctions, such as the Passionita, which is Passion Fruit Vodka shaken with fresh Passion Fruit and Mint. Perhaps the jewel in their crown is the fantastically titled Hollaback Girl, which is a mixture of Kiwi Vodka, Apple Juice, Raspberries and Chambord. The bar has chic stylish interior, a cosmopolitan crowd and always a great atmosphere.

Staying on Langstane Place, at Dusk you will find a touch of decadence & class, highly skilled bar tenders and some amazing drink creations, making this a real standout among Aberdeen cocktail bars. In 2011, Dusk was the proud winner of Trend Magazines Drinks Destination Award and clued-up locals would tell you it’s the bar to see and be seen at. The bar is known for its outstanding Bellini, plus its well worth trying its Watermelon Martini and its signature Flirtini,a stunning mix of Chambord, Strawberries, Raspberries blended with ice and topped off with Prosecco.

Orchid Aberdeen

Also on Langstane Place you will find Orchid. With its amazing pink walls and delicate artwork, commissioned by local artist Johanna Basford, this is one of a couple of Aberdeen bars that truly is at the top of its game. Orchid is well versed in all the classics, such as the classic Martini and Manhattan, but what really sets it apart is its savoury themed concoctions, including its intriguing Duck Fat Margarita and its Avocado and Black Pepper Daiquiri. To fully experience Aberdeen nightlife a trip to Orchid is highly recommended.

In Aberdeen, Union Street is where much of Aberdeen nightlife revolves and indeed you will find a miltiude of Aberdeen bars and restaurants in and about this street. Right in the middle of Union Street is Soul Bar, which offers an irresistible mix of funky beats, up-for-it party goers and some of the finest cocktail creations in Aberdeen. The bars Ultra Violet cocktail was voted the best cocktail in Scotland, beating stiff competition from some of the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The bar is also well versed in all the classics, from the Mojito to the Cosmopolitan,plus their staff will help you select the perfect drink for your tastes. Of all the Aberdeen cocktail bars, this is the best bet if you like your cocktails mixed with house beats.

99 Bar & Kitchen, Aberdeen

99 Bar and Kitchen is one of those Aberdeen cocktail bars that take their cocktails very seriously, with the menu changing seasonally, meaning that things are kept fresh and that customers never know what magical concoction is just around the corner. The bar has a very relaxed and homely vibe, helped by the big comfy sofas. This is something of a hidden jewel of Aberdeen nightlife – so now you know! Of all the Aberdeen bars we’ve mentioned, the most recent opening is probably The Tippling House up on Belmont Street. These guys focus on homemade ingredients,vintage glassware and niche spirits and early reports are that this is a fantastic addition to Aberdeen nightlife.

So, next time you visit Aberdeen, make sure you give  these Aberdeen cocktail bars a visit and try out some of their amazing creations. If the cocktail scene in Aberdeen keeps moving in this direction, Edinburgh and Glasgow better seriously up their game or we will have a new cocktail king in Scotland!


Written by damien

Posted: October 11, 2012