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The Ingredients

30 ml Vodka, 30 ml Chambord, 30 ml Lemon-Lime Soda

How To make a Zipperhead

Build the ingredients in a chilled Old Fashioned glass with ice.

Social and Cocktail says:

The Zipperhead is a bubbly and fruity cocktail which is light, refreshing and easy to drink. However, the cocktail suffers from lack of any real character and the flavours are slightly uneven. That said, due to its light, inoffensive taste, the Zipperhead is a safe way to introduce novices to the world of cocktails.

The Zipperhead is one of many cocktails to use the popular French liqueur, Chambord, which is a black raspberry liqueur fashioned after a raspberry liqueur produced in the Loire Valley of France during the late 17th century. The liqueur is perhaps most famously known as the key ingredients in the popular French Martini cocktail recipe.

Did You Know?

It is customary to serve this drink with a straw so that it can be mixed as you drink.