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Tequila Slammer

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The Ingredients

50 ml Tequila, 50 ml Lemon- Lime Soda

How To make a Tequila Slammer

Mix drink in a rocks glass and serve straight up.  For fun leave about a fifth of the glass empty to allow the drink to fizz, then hold a hand over the top of the glass and slam it onto a hard surface to mix it. The slamming action releases gas bubbles from the mixed drink causing it to foam vigorously. It will then quickly escape the glass if not drunk immediately.

Social and Cocktail says:

The Tequila Slammer is undoubtedly a classic and, as the saying goes, A Classic Never Dies! This is not a drink for those wanting to flex their taste buds, but as a party drink it gets the job done! If you are with a group of friends, one fun way to drink the Tequila Slammer is to line them up on the bar and shout “Bottoms Up”. There are several variations of the Tequila Slammer, such as the popular Mexican version known as the “Tequila Boom-Boom” – a mixture of tequila, Sprite and grenadine syrup. Another version is the Slammer Royale, aka the Golden Slammer, which replaces the lemon-lime soda with Champagne to create a very “heady” drinking experience.

It would be fair to suggest that the Tequila Slammer  is drank for the sensation rather than the actual taste and as such, we recommend that you don’t bother spending money on a quality tequila. An own-brand tequila from the local supermarket will work just as well as a premium brand, as you going to have little chance of experiencing more than a fizz explosion at the back of your throat!

One word of caution about this drink is that you should ensure you have a strong glass, as otherwise the slamming motion may have an unfortunate consequence!

Did You Know?

In the movie Betty Blue, the Tequila Slammer is the favourite drink of the protagonist, Zorg.