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Slammer Royale

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The Ingredients

50 ml Tequila, 50 ml Champagne,

How To make a Slammer Royale

Mix all ingredients in a rocks glass and serve straight up.

Social and Cocktail says:

Quite an interesting taste combination, if you actually get the chance to taste anything at all, but one of these will probably be enough. This cocktail is a variation of the famous tequila slammer, made with champagne instead of soda, that can be taken with salt and lime the same as straight tequila, with or without tomato juice interludes!

The Slammer Royale is an increasingly popular cocktail for celebrations, such as a birthdays or a stag party – due to the fun preparation element and the potent effect it can have on the drinker. The trick with this drink is that you should not mix the drinks rather, once they are poured into the glass, slam the glass on a table (but not too hard) and when the drink begins to fizz drink the contents of the glass – in a similar manner as if you were drinking a shot, such as  the famous B-52 or a Jager Bomb.

As it is traditionally consumed in one gulp, rather than tasted, there should not be too much concern put into the quality of the Champagne or tequila brands used in this drink, although, one could argue that the better quality tequila brands give the drinker a lesser hangover next morning – but this can be debated!

The Slammer Royale is definitely not a cocktail for the faint hearted – too many of these and the night could quickly become a blur!

Did You Know?

This drink is alternatively known as a Golden Slammer. For the party animals out there you can alternatively firstly pour your tequila into a glass, then add your champagne to the glass. Make sure to leave some free empty space towards the top of the cup. Don't mix the two just yet. Now pick up the glass and cover the top with the palm of your hand. Slam the drink down on the table (take care!) As the drink begins to fizz up, down the whole thing immediately, as if doing a shot.