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The Ingredients

50 ml Gin, 10 ml Crème de Mure, 25 ml Lemon Juice, 12 1/2 ml Sugar Syrup, Blackberry

How To make a Bramble

Add all ingredients (except creme de mure) into mixing glass. Fill  mixing glass with cubed ice and fill rocks glass with crushed ice. Shake for 10 seconds. Strain mixture into glass and top up with crushed ice. Pour creme de mure over drink using bar spoon. Garnish with 2 lemon slices and blackberry.

Social and Cocktail says:

The pairing of the gin, blackberry and lemon comes together to create a light tasting and refreshing cocktail which has long been one of our favourites at Social and Cocktail HQ.


Did You Know?

The Bramble was invented by Dick Bradsell in 1984 at Freds Club in Londons SOHO.