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Black Velvet

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The Ingredients

1/2 Champagne Flute with Stout Beer, 1/2 Champagne Flute with Champagne

How To make a Black Velvet

Fill a tall Champagne flute halfway with chilled stout beer and float the Champagne on top of the stout. The effect is best achieved by pouring over a spoon turned upside down over the top of the glass, so that the liquid runs gently down the sides rather than splashing into the lower layer and mixing with it.

Social and Cocktail says:

One of those interesting sounding drinks which should not work but does. Smooth tasting with a nice touch of fizz.

Did You Know?

Black Velvet drink was created to mourn the passing of Prince Albert in 1861. It was supposed to symbolise the black or purple cloth armbands worn by mourners.