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The Ingredients

25 ml Cognac, 25 ml Grand Marnier

How To make a Beautiful

Build Cognac and Grand Marnier in a brandy snifter glass.

Social and Cocktail says:

This popular duo works extremely well and the Grand Marnier seems to bring out the deep flavours of a good quality Cognac. The Beautiful Cocktail is quite strong, so probably not the best option for cocktail novices – unless they are big Cognac fans. The absence of ice makes the drink an even more intense experience and helps the two drinks meld together in a very pure way.

The Beautiful is one of the best drinks to showcase the flavours of some quality Cognacs and as such, we recommend using a premium variety such as Courvoisier or Remy Martin. The other ingredient in the cocktail, Grand Marnier, is an orange flavoured cognac liqueur which is an appealing blend of Cognac brandy, distilled essence of bitter orange and sugar. The liqueur is popularly found in the Sidecar and the popular shooter the B-52.

The Beautiful cocktail is generally a hit with Cognac drinkers as they often do not consider mixing Cognac, which can be expensive, with relatively cheap mixers.

Did You Know?

90% of all worldwide Cognac is produced by only four companies: Courvoisier, Hennessy, Martell & Remy Martin.