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Newcastle nightlife may be synonymous with drunken hen and stag parties, but scratch below the surface and you will find that quality cocktail bars in Newcastle are steadily on the rise and bars in Newcastle in general are starting to embrace cocktail culture. Osbornes Bar, situated in the Jesmond area of the city, is a vibrant and chic bar offering some of the best cocktails in the North of England, with its signature Mojito reaching legendary status. For a perfect mix of cool club beats and exciting cocktails the Tokyo Bar is the place to be, with its signature cocktail the Tokyo Iced Tea, a play on the classic Long Island Iced Tea, an absolute must for all cocktail lovers. In the last couple of years the Newcastle nightlife scene has witnessed the addition of some more upmarket, premium establishments and cocktail bars in Newcastle have also been steering in this direction, with the launch of Hood Street Club, a stylish and discreet drinking club. Other bars in Newcastle we would definitely recommend are Perdu Bar and Popolo.