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Alongside some of the greatest bands of all-time, such as Massive Attack and Portishead, hailing from the city, cocktail bars in Bristol rank alongside the very best in the UK. At the weekend, revelers come from all over England to experience the legendary Bristol nightlife and see why the bars in Bristol have made it such a popular destination for cocktail lovers.

We strongly recommend that any trip to Bristol should include a visit to the fantastically titled Papaji’s Bar, Kitchen & Teasmiths with the Papas Perfect Manhattan and their tea infused Old-Fashioned taking classic cocktails to another level. Boasting the largest backbar of all the bars in Bristol and a range of award-winning cocktails a full Bristol nightlife experience wouldnt be complete without a trip to The Rummer Hotel over on All Saints Lane.

If you prefer a more chilled-out vibe, get yourself up to Upper Belgrave Road to check out the relaxed table-service of Hausbar, which prides itself on its signature Mojito. We awarded Hausbar a rare 5-Star Review, making it one of the finest cocktail bars in Bristol in our eyes.