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Cocktail bars in Belfast are of such high quality and bursting with such innovation and creativity that we feel that they alone are worth a trip over to the Northern Irish capital! Cocktail culture has taken a strong hold on Belfast nightlife in the last few years with bars in Belfast such as Love & Death Inc looking past the classic cocktails and coming up with their own unique concoctions, which are going down a storm in the city.

Perched at the top of the cocktail bars in Belfast sits The Bar at the Merchant Hotel which, until recently, held the accolade for serving the most expensive cocktail in the world, a Mai Tai which will set you back a mere £750! If you want to go where the “cool” Belfast nightlife crowd hang-out for their cocktails, look no further than the Apartment over on Donegal Square West and make sure you try one of their fantastic Lychee & Violet Fizz signature cocktails. Many bars in Belfast are regarded for doing both excellent food and drink, but if you want to focus on excellent food & cocktails then SHUBAR up on Donegal Road is a good choice, with over 50 cocktails on offer, expertly made by an excellent and friendly team of bartenders.