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Cocktail bars in Bath may not be in the double digits, but the bars they do have are of an exceptionally high standard and the small cocktail scene makes Bath nightlife what it is. Check out Circo Bar and Lounge, named after its circular bar, with its comprehensive cocktail menu and welcoming Chesterfield sofas or Door 34 where its Signature Cocktail, the Green Fairy, is an absolute must. For a combination of quirkiness and innovative cocktail making, a visit to the Opium Bar is highly recommended, where the staff were maybe the friendliest we found amongst all the bars in Bath, plus they are all too happy to bring out their famous Absinthe Drip! When taking a tour of the cocktail bars in Bath, make sure you have their postcodes plugged into your phone, as a couple can be tricky to find and then get ready for an amazing view of Bath nightlife.