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TwoRuba says:

Serving expertly crafted cocktails alongside creative small plates inspired by nearby Borough Market, sophisticated bar and lounge, TwoRuba, brings a dash of glamour and lashings of luxury to Tower Bridge.

A perfect place to unwind with a vibrant atmosphere and polished service, TwoRuba is a destination for both sharp-suited City folk and foodies fiends alike.

Social and Cocktail says:

London is a hectic place – the hustle and bustle, milling crowds, and seemingly unending stream of people rushing to and fro will occasionally cause us all to be a bit frazzled now and then. This can be especially true in London Bridge, where city folk, tourists and fans of Borough Market all converge into a hectic mass.
So it’s understandable that what’s needed is a place to just… breathe. Take a deep inhalation, relax, and sip on something tasty and undeniably superior to your average drink.

RubaThis is where TwoRuba enter the game, and they are offering everything one needs to completely unwind in the heart of the city. Situated under The Hilton London Bridge, this chic bar is a haven of stylish gold and coffee-coloured furnishings, swanky decor, funky music and tasty, locally sourced food. Oh, and a darn good place to grab a cocktail too.

The list is divided up into Ruba Signatures, Twisted Classics, and Champagne offerings, as well as Iced Ruba Cocktails that are influenced by the tastes of nearby Borough Market. Each has a brief description that does wonders to tease and tantalise the palate – the Breakfast Sour combines indulgent amaretto and gin with orgeat syrup, lemon juice and egg white, resulting in a silky smooth and fluffy drink, while the Orient Express is a take on the well-loved espresso martini, only this time adding the luxurious nuttiness of Frangelico.

The first cocktail that we tried was the City Martini – a combination of Hendricks gin with temptingly sweet, floral elderflower and clean, refreshing cucumber and lime. The result was a wonderful straw-yellow palate cleanser that evoked summertime in a glass, and had just enough sweetness of elderflower to balance with the zesty lime.

We were then tempted by something a little fizzy – it’s the kind of lounge-bar where a little luxury doesn’t do any harm. The various bubbly libations on offer had us in a brief tizz over what to order (they all looked so good) but we eventually settled on the fabulous sounding Chaplins Royal Moment. The combination of sloe gin, apricot brandy and lime juice topped up with champagne made for a tasty and balanced drink that had enough zing from the citrus to perk up the sweet apricot brandy and autumnal blackberry-hint of the slow gin.

Next we decided to indulge our whisky craving with another wintery cocktail, recommended by our lovely waitress. Conrad’s Dream was a sublime and sophisticated blend of Drambuie and oak-matured Woodford bourbon, with hints of cacao. The overall sensation was as warming as a hot water bottle, and as delightful on my palate as any bourbon drink I’ve had recently. The smoky, spicy hints merged well with the hint of rich chocolate, and a cherry garnish topped it off to perfection. I can definitely say it was my drink of the evening.

It’s also worth noting you probably won’t be able to come to TwoRuba without trying to food, which is top quality street food inspired by the twists of Borough Market. It makes for a perfect accompaniment for the various libations on offer, and trust us when we say it’s worth ordering a few things. Mini pulled pork sliders with an apple slaw were succulent and packed with meat, while the fish tacos came with pico de gallo & citrus dressing, and really showcased the freshest ingredients. We fell in love with the bruschetta, on which rested tantalising heaps of perfectly seasoned wild mushroom, parmesan and truffle oil, and the king prawns in garlic Yuzu emulsion were juicy, packed with flavour from the sticky oriental glaze.

So there you are, cocktail fans. When you feel like the hustle and bustle of London is taking its toll, then look no further than the glamorous getaway that is Two Ruba – your bolt hole for top class drinks in the city.

Rebecca Milford

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