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Trailer Happiness

Trailer Happiness

Trailer Happiness says:

Trailer Happiness is an intimate lounge bar, den and kitchen on Portobello Road with the e-z-boy feel of low rent, mid 60’s Californian valley bachelor pad. A retro sexual haven of cosmopolitan kitsch and faded trailer park glamour, cork tiles and shag pile, love songs and vol au vents, Lynch prints and Tiki drinks.

Social and Cocktail says:

You know you’re in a proper Tiki bar when it looks pretty much the same after a major refurb as it did before. This is not to say that Trailer H as it is affectionately regarded by those in the know is an unattractive prospect, but simply that there is only so good you’re going to be able to make a 60’s/Tiki mash up styled bar look. Things are at least now a little less sticky, somewhat of an occupational hazard where sugar cane products are the star of the show.

Drinks aside, the refreshing feel of this bar is well worth the trip to Notting Hill in which it resides; Notting Hill being one of those places in London that always takes an inordinately long time to get to. This bar might be another of London’s subterranean watering holes, but it certainly aint a speakeasy. Perhaps it’s the fire (they rather like setting things alight here) that does it, but this bar won’t be caught taking itself too seriously for it is a true ‘good time’ bar where smiles come before anything else. Consequentially a visit here sees fun coming before efficiency and friendliness before slickness. But what might be frustrating in some bars somehow just adds to the appeal of this place.

The cocktail menu weirdly doesn’t have the confidence of sticking to what this bar does best, and includes a variety of styles that reads more as though it is trying to be all things to all people than showcase the beauty of rum and its related spirits. Ordering a classic gin cocktail in a rum bar feels wrong and whilst the genial team here will gladly knock one up for you, the no-more-than-satisfactory taste of the final drink only serves to confuse further. Stick with this bars signature spirits and style however and your taste buds will thank you. From Daiquiri’s to Grog’s to Mai Tai’s and Punches, it is rum that really fuels this bar. There is nothing groundbreaking about the cocktail  list, but then who needs groundbreaking when you have well-executed classics and twisted classic rum cocktails to keep you hydrated? Worth a mention too is the food kitchen here which is of sufficient calibre to warrant a visit in its own right. Depending on your age you will either call it finger food or street food, but whatever your preference hot piles of spiced battered calamari with toasted almonds slithers is the perfect accompaniment to pretty much anything.

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