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Thirst Bar & Club

Thirst Bar & Club

Thirst Bar & Club says:

Our commitments to finding the best suppliers, the training our staff receive and the passion and dedication which we bring to the art of the cocktail all goes to making us stand out from the crowd. We have no dress code, no age discrimination, no sex discrimination, no bells, no whistles, just two dance floors, two bars, an amazing cocktail menu and the best music in Plymouth. First timers to our club are instantly hooked on our unique approach, and a no-nonsense attitude to a great night out. Our premium spirit collection is unrivalled in Plymouth, with also a large range of draught and bottled products on offer.

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Cocktails25 - but if there is something not on the menu that you would like we can make it for you.

Cosmo £6.00

Mojito £6.00

Margarita £6.00


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