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The Corinthian Club

The Corinthian Club

Corinthian Club says:

The Corinthian Club is Glasgow’s most stylish dining, gaming and late night clubbing venue with five floors of bars and private spaces available for hire.

Social and Cocktail says:

The Corinthian Club is a glamorous, glitzy venue between Glasgow’s city centre and Merchant City, meaning it’s the perfect place to stop off for a drink. It is a huge venue with gaming, dining and drinking all accommodated for in various rooms over 5 floors. Depending on what you like, there’ll be a room for you. As we were there for cocktails, we visited Charlie Parker’s Bar on Floor 1. This is a piano bar with a huge bar down one side of the room. It is intimate, yet not crowded and on a Saturday night was filled with people dressed up for a night out.
We had a browse of the surprisingly short cocktail menu (although I’m sure you can go off-list if there is something you like). They serve some cocktails in a kettle jug (suitable for 2-3 people) but we decided to go for a champagne cocktail – the Blueberry Fizz (blueberries, lime, sugar and champagne) and the Blueberry and Basil Martini. I loved the Blueberry Fizz but was left with a mouthful of undrinkable berries at the end, whereas the martini was just perfect – the smell of the basil leaf was incredibly inviting. Drinks were reasonably priced as well, for such a fancy venue, I was expecting matching bar prices – standard cocktails generally £5.95.

On a busy night you might struggle for a seat but there is plenty of standing room along the bar. Make sure you spend time exploring the rest of the venue as there is also a wine and beer bar as well as a whisky bar – so if Charlie Parker’s doesn’t take your fancy, perhaps another room will!

Review by Briony, The Glasgow Food Blog

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