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The City Café

The City Cafe says:

The City Café has been serving Edinburgh and its visitors since the 1980s. Situated in the heart of the city,we provide excellent service, good value and great atmosphere. With a wided selection of food and drinks available, we are open everyday from 9am – 1am. With a Distinct 50s Diner feel, we cater for all ages.

Social and Cocktail says:

menuFunky, retro styled American Diner which attracts an eclectic crowd. From parents and kids in for milkshakes, to tourists in for a look to rockers in for the cocktails and beer deals. We’ve been in for their delish non-alcoholic cocktails so it was time to delve deeper. A small cocktail menu is on offer –  five classic cocktails as well as five milkshake cocktails, however they can do whatever cocktail you require, subject to having the alcohol! A new Stateside cocktail list has been released, listed on a blackboard (but no prices or ingredients!), but we decided to jump in. (link to new menu)

First off was a Bacon Mary – home made Bacon Vodka, Tomato juice, lemon, Worcester sauce, Tabasco, capers, horseradish and seasoning £6.00, like a Bloody Mary only with home-made bacon-infused vodka, subtle smokey taste, pretty much just a Bloody Mary only with a slight smokey hint. The rim of the glass was also coated in crushed bacon crisps which was a fun addition.

Next to try was a Spiced Orange Mojito – Morgans spiced, Grand Marnier, mint, sugar and lime, topped with a splash of Fanta orange – £7.25. Minty, Rum and sugary tasting, didn’t really get the spiced orange taste, seemed to be overpowered by the mint.

gingerdaiquiriOnwards to their Ginger Daiquiri -£6.50 ginger infused gomme syrup, Havana 7, lime juice served with a slice of lime in a sugar rimmed Martini glass – definitely gingery, warming, sugary and definitely alcoholic! For the winter this was a great choice.Finally a milkshake cocktail  Singin’ in the Rain  £6.95 served in a deep martini glass – lovely and creamy, easy to drink but would’ve preferred it in a tall glass to envoke that milkshake glass feel.

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Range & Pricing

CocktailsAll the Classics plus 5 Signature cocktails

Cosmo £6.00

Mojito £6.50

Margarita £6.80


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