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Skylounge says:

Come to the 12th floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Tower of London and unwind with a superb view of the London skyline. The hotel’s premium destination bar, SkyLounge, is located in the heart of London and serves innovative dishes and signature cocktails. Guests and locals enjoy 360-degree views and fresh air from two terraces. Landmarks visible from SkyLounge include the Tower Bridge, The Shard, the Tower of London, River Thames, Gherkin and St. Paul’s Cathedral. A resident DJ sets the mood.

Unique SkyLounge cocktails are as satisfying to the tongue as they are beautiful to the eye. Enjoy expertly prepared drinks using the freshest ingredients against the backdrop of London’s skyline.

Social and Cocktail says:

Cocktails – some used to associate the word with a bright-coloured libation served in a bell bottomed glass, resplendent with fruit and possibly with the addition of an umbrella and/or curly straw sticking out of the top.

Fast forward to the present day and the cocktail scene has, luckily, changed dramatically. London has some of the world’s top bars and there are crazy things being done with mixed drinks – they’re even being enjoyed in winter! Yes, now every season is cocktail season, and one place that is catering for this in superb fashion is Skylounge.

Situated above the Hilton Hotel, on the 12th floor, Skylounge already has a lot going for it. The 360 degree views are simply stunning – stand on the balcony and look out across the glowing London below you, taking in landmarks such as St Pauls, The Shard and The Tower of London. Inside there is high tables on which to perch, secluded booths, and relaxed low tables to spend an evening. When we visit on a Saturday night the mood is buzzing and vibrant – a feeling of good times in the air and a DJ spinning tunes to get people ready for the weekend. The cocktail menu has everything you might want on there – we immediately order a Gingerbread Old Fashioned and a Snow Queen Vodka Martini. Both are superb – the Ginger Bread Old Fashioned still has that caramel smoothness of bourbon, while spicy gingerbread syrup adds a delicious warming sweetness, making it the cocktail equivalent to slipping into a pair of warm slippers on a winter’s evening. The Martini is perfect – crisp, sharp, with a waft of citrus from the twist and the right accompaniment of vermouth. Straight off the bat Skylounge have proven they are adept at both classics and innovative twists.

But this isn’t the main reason we’re here – because Skylounge are taking al fresco drinking to a whole new level. Cross outside and you might suddenly assume you’ve wandered into a slice of set from Game of Thrones. Bear rugs are strewn across wooden pallets, there are rushes and straw dusting the floor, and pieces of bone litter the ground in fabulously authentic fashion. By Odin’s Beard, we’ve entered the Valhalla Vodka Bar!

This wonderfully theatrical space was part of their pop-up throughout winter, and will remain until the end of February, when it then prepares to transform into something altogether more spring-like. And if the attention to detail has anything on this Nordic nest then we’ll certainly be coming back.

Ginnarr - DeceiverNot only is there a rustic bar where a private barman will whisk up drinks, but the libations are of an altogether more wintery tilt, all with Viking names that are great to growl aloud. Sip on a Ginnarr – Snow Queen Vodka, Orgeat, lemon juice and the tropical additions of pineapple and passionfruit for a sweet, fruity punch, or for those wanting to banish the chill, you can do no better than a shot of Draugadrottin – the Viking nickname for Lord of the Dead. This herbal and warmly spiced delight is honey, ginger, lemongrass tea, orange peel, nutmeg and vanilla, and is more likely to revive your soul than send you to your eternal rest.

So, come visit while you can, nestle into a bear skin or sit yourself at the head of the large, communal table to enjoy a night of revelry the way the Vikings used to. And, if you get hungry, have no fear. Skylounge can lay on an absolute feast with their new snack menu, which we took it upon ourselves to devour. Whether inside or out, quell your cravings with popcorn and goat’s cheese popcorn (amazing), aubergine hummus, salmon mousse cones and a plethora of other delights whipped up by their ultra-talented chef.

Arrive with a thirst in your throat and hunger in your belly, because Skylounge can satiate even the most monstrous of appetites – and you’ll get a banging view of your kingdom (well, London) too. We can’t wait to see what the warmer months of spring are like…


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