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Portobello Star

Portobello Star

Portobello Star says:

Frequented by Royals, scallywags, urchins, beggars, scarlet ladies, drunkards, intellectuals, popular musicians of the day and the occasional association football player. In recent years we have been the proud and humble recipients of the Class Best Bar and The Gregor DeGruyther Good Time Award. Here’s to another 270 years of responsible drinking. Cheers, Salut, Skål and Nazdrowie.

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The Portobello Road Martini

The Portobello Road Martini  Cocktail N0. 171 Portobello Road Gin stirred with Lillet Blanc, Orange Bitters and a dash of Gammel Dansk, all topped off with twist of Grapefruit
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Cosmo £8.00

Mojito £8.50

Margarita £8.00


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